CAMIS: Coordinated Activities for Management of Isonzo – Soča

The CAMIS project was carried out as part of the “Italy – Slovenia Cross-border Cooperation Operational Programme” – Programme under the European Territorial Cooperation Objective. The primary purpose of the project was to seek compromises among the various stakeholders and to establish more appropriate cross-border management or governance of the river from the perspective of sustainable use of strategic resources and the conservation of watercourses. In terms of its subject matter, the project was divided into two parts:

  1. the analytical research part included analyses of river morphology and hydraulics and analyses of water quality and the suitability of water use;
  2. the practical applied part focused on pilot activities that will contribute to sustainable use of the river and selected areas in its basin, especially for the purposes of recreation and tourism.

In regard to the CAMIS project, the Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia developed a support method for auditing aquatic and riparian areas in terms of suitability for specific water uses in the upstream part of the Soča catchment (hydropower, aquaculture, bathing and development for fishing), which is based on a multi-criteria approach, spatial analysis and the relations of various applicable data. The method makes possible the sustainable and coordinated planning of current water uses in regard to a selected pilot area, while its results can be used in a comparative manner for cross-border transfers of knowledge across the entire catchment of the Soča as well as other catchments or basins. The primary objectives for developing the method and approach include:

  1. Introduction of modern aquatic and riparian area management
  2. Support for integrated management of aquatic and riparian areas at the local, regional, national and international levels
  3. Coordination of solutions through the active engagement of stakeholders from all levels
  4. Promotion and implementation of interdisciplinary knowledge and approaches
  5. Development of a support method and of information tools

Project Partnership

The Soča Valley Development Centre was the lead partner. The project also included ten partners from both sides of the border. The Slovenian side included the municipalities of Bovec, Kobarid, Tolmin and Idrija, the Nova Gorica Institute of Public Health and the Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia, while the Italian side featured the participation of the Province of Gorizia, Turriaco Municipality, Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Autorità di Bacino from Venice.

Duration of the Project


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