SEE River: Sustainable Integrated Management of International River Corridors in SEE Countries

The Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia was the lead partner in the international project entitled SEE River – Sustainable Integrated Management of International River Corridors in SEE Countries. Its objective was to reach an agreement on river corridor management that takes into account both development and conservation interests along six selected international rivers: Drava, Bodrog, Neretva, Prut, Soča and Vjosa. The project also introduced a new approach to river and land use planning and management by focusing on the river corridor as the core part of the basin where most pressures occur.

Project Partnership

Project partnership consisted of 26 notable institutions and organisations involved in managing river corridors from 12 countries of South-Eastern and Central Europe in several expert fields: water management, nature protection, energy, spatial planning and others.

Slovenian Observers in the Project

  1. Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning
  2. Dravske elektrarne Maribor

International Project Results

  1. SEE River Toolkit,
  2. International Drava River Corridor Action Plan for Integrated Management,
  3. Five Local Action Plans – multi-sectoral stakeholder agreements for the management of five pilot areas in countries along the Drava River Corridor,
  4. Five Draft Action Plans for integrated management of the Bodrog, Neretva, Prut, Soča, and Vjosa river corridors,
  5. Selection of good practices of integrated management of international river corridors,
  6. Training seminars for the transfer of know-how,
  7. Selection of proposals for follow-up projects,
  8. Sustainability plan for future cooperation of the SEE River network partners and stakeholders.



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Dr Aleš Bizjak, SEE River Project Manager
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