Integrated Solutions for Krakov Forest

Multidisciplinary solutions for Krakov Forest. In cooperation with partners, the IWRS is designing solutions for the protected Natura 2000 site in Krakov Forest. The Forest is drying and finding a solution for its diminishing water levels is essential. The IWRS and its partners will find solutions that will partially help solve the issue of flood safety at Kostanjevica na Krki.

Extension of the DeFishGear Project

We were notified in early December 2015 by the IPA Adriatic Programme that the DeFishGear project (Derelict fishing gear management system in the Adriatic region) has been extended to September 2016. The DeFishGear project was conceived in response to the lack of knowledge and understanding of marine litter.

The Deepening of the Mura River has Not Stabilised

The Institute for Water has completed the study Assessment of the Status of the Border and the Interior Section of the Mura River Including Planned Measures. The Slovenian analysis of the border section served as the foundation for the presentation of positions at the bilateral commission of Slovenia and Austria.

Consultations on the Draft 2015–2021 Water Management Plan: The IWRS is Organising Sectoral Consultations for the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning

The IWRS is preparing sectoral consultations on incorporating the needs of individual sectors into the Water Management Plan. Three sectoral consultations will be organised in Ljubljana for the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning – for agriculture (22 October 2015), the energy sector (28 October) and water regulation (30 October).