Effect of intended water abstraction for small hydropower plant (HPP) on river Radoljna on ecological status



Sections on river Radoljna under the influence of water abstraction

In the study the influence of the proposed small hydropower plant on aquatic assemblages proven to respond best to hydrological modification was inspected. A sheme of water abstraction criteria on river Radoljna was proposed, based on which dinamic hydrological conditions along selected section might be maintained and hence reference conditions preserved.

    studija_odvzem vode_Radoljna 2

    Reference section on river Radoljna upstream of existing water abstraction

    About the project

    Contracting Authority

    Kreativ Rogaška d.o.o.

    Project manager

    izr. prof. dr. Gorazd Urbanič

    Project staff

    dr. Vesna Petkovska

    dr. Nataša Smolar-Žvanut

    Darko Anzeljc

    Miha Knehtl

    dr. Samo Podgornik

    Tone Tavčar

    Bernard Semrajc

    mag. Edo Avdič-Mravlje

    Aljaž Jenič

    Matej Ivenčnik

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