Extension of the DeFishGear Project

We were notified in early December 2015 by the IPA Adriatic Programme that the DeFishGear project (Derelict fishing gear management system in the Adriatic region) has been extended to September 2016. The DeFishGear project was conceived in response to the lack of knowledge and understanding of marine litter.

Hydromorphology – the Study of the Hydromorphological Characteristics of Surface Water and the Changes in the Hydromorphological Processes and Characteristics Resulting from Various Disturbances of the Aquatic Environment

With the increasing demand for water for irrigation, power generation, breeding of aquatic organisms and activities affecting water and waterside land due to settlement, development of transport infrastructure and agricultural land use, man has caused numerous changes to the natural hydromorphological characteristics. Many barriers and dams were built, interrupting the characteristic longitudinal flow continuity, more often than not making the corridors narrower and depriving the rivers of their natural channel patterns. Variegated riverbeds have in many cases been replaced with rectangular and trapezoidal shapes, while their banks and beds have been reinforced using rigid materials.