Adapting to the impacts of climate change in the Vipava Valley


Climate change has different impact on individual regions and that is reason why we have to adapt to the climate changes on regional levels. The Vipava Valley has extremely favourable environmental conditions for the development of intensive agriculture, but the agricultural sector is threatened by natural disasters (droughts, floods, frost and strong winds), which are due to the impact of climate changes more frequent than in the past.

The LIFE ViVaCCAdapt project objectives are:

  • Analysis of the current situation in the Vipava Valley with regard to adaptation to climate change;
  • Definition of strategic actions to adapt the agricultural sector to climate changes;
  • Preparation of the Strategy for adapting the agricultural sector to climate changes in the Vipava Valley;
  • Reconciliation of defined objectives and strategic actions to assess the potential positive and negative impacts of the proposed measures on the environment;
  • Establishment of a pilot decision support system for irrigation in order to rationalize water consumption in accordance with the requirement of the Water Framework Directive and by default in the Rural Development Programme of Slovenia;
  • Evaluation of existing windbreaks efficiency and design of the demonstration centre in order to spread information about windbreaks and their benefits.





ROD Agency for Development Ajdovščina (Coordinating Partner)

BO – MO d.o.o.


Municipality of Ajdovščina

University of Ljubljana – Biotechnical Faculty


    About the project


    Project acronym: LIFE ViVaCCAdapt

    Project reference: LIFE15 CCA/SI/000070

    Project duration: 1.7.2016 – 30.6.2021

    Web site: http://www.life-vivaccadapt.si/

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LIFE-Vivaccadapt-191839994578835/


    Total project budget

    869.028,00 EUR

    EU contribution

    520.516,00 EUR

    National co-financers contribution

    173.506,00 EUR

    Own contribution

    175.006,00 EUR


    Total IzVRS budget

    105.060.00 EUR

    EU contribution (60%)

    63.036,00 EUR

    National co-financers contribution – MESP (20%)

    21.012,00 EUR

    Own contribution – MESP (20%)

    21.012,00 EUR


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