Sediment management in Alpine basins: integrating sediment continuum, risk mitigation and hydropower

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The SedAlp project is funded from the Alpine Space Programme (part of European Territorial Cooperation objective) within the framework of Priority 3: Environment and Risk Prevention. The consortium of the SedAlp project includes partners from five Alpine countries who pushed for more integrated planning to address the issue of sediment and floating matter in Alpine basins.

Within the SedAlp project, the IWRS and its subcontractor, Hidrotehnik, studied the test torrential area of the Bistričica and the hinterland of the Kamniška Bistrica in the Kamnik Municipality in terms of the processes and phenomena of the discharge, transport and deposition of sediment and floating timber. Based on findings from the test area, the results of joint cross-border activities and the synergistic effects from the results of all participating partners, we created practical expert bases to optimise the management of sediment and floating timber and thereby rationalise the consumption of public resources and increase the safety of inhabitants and infrastructure.

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