River Basin Adaptation Conference

The conference is open to practitioners, scientists, stakeholders and policy-makers, indeed anyone interested in considering strategies for adapting river basins in the face of climate change and other pressures. The aim is to share experiences and identify best-practices on science-society interactions for river basin management and climate change adaptation.

The event, the final conference of the BeWater project, will be held over two days. The discussion day will include keynote speeches, presentations and interactive sessions on best practices in adapting river basin management to climate change, while involving society. Participants have the opportunity to share their own experience on conference themes through targeted oral presentations. Abstracts are invited for either of two sessions, dealing with best practice for adaptive management strategies and policy considerations for participatory river basin management, with the deadline for submission of abstracts the 30 November 2016.

The second day consists of a field trip to the Vipava river basin, one of the four case studies in the BeWater project. The trip will follow the course of the river, from spring to reservoir, with points of interest including hydrotechnical works, conservation areas, flood risk protection measures and a waste water treatment plant.

The conference language will be English. A detailed programme will soon be available on the conference website. Registrations are now open at the event webpage.


Fotografija: Aleš Bizjak

Fotografija: Aleš Bizjak