Project AIM: Alpine Space in Movement, Targeted to Water and Energy Capitalisation

The Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia has participated in the project called Alpine Space in Movement, Targeted to Water and Energy Capitalisation (AIM). The main objective of the project was to produce guidelines for the 2014–2020 programme period focused on integrated planning and improved collaboration among institutions in the field of water management and energy.

The project was carried out within the 2007–2013 financial perspective of the Alpine Space Programme, which includes Austria, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Germany, Slovenia and Switzerland. It linked the fields of water and energy, two of the leading topics in the management of natural resources in the Alpine and the wider European area. The guidelines were produced in collaboration with stakeholders and upon establishing their positions and needs and by evaluating past experience from the Alpine Space Programme through reviews of completed projects, strategic needs and regulations at the EU level as well as regionally and nationally in relation to achieving good water status, good river ecosystem status and in terms of renewable energy sources.

The AIM project’s priority topics for the Alpine Space Programme in the 2014+ period in terms of water and energy capitalisation in the Alps include:

  1. Improved acquisition and coordination of data
  2. Improved inclusion of stakeholders and communication
  3. Inclusion of the concept of ecosystem services
  4. Implementation of strategic (spatial) planning approaches at various spatial levels

Project Partnership

The project’s partners include leading regional energy and water management institutions:

  1. Research on Energy Systems (Milan, Italy) – lead partner,
  2. European Association of Elected Representatives from Mountain Regions – AEM (Chambery, France),
  3. Institute of Hydrobiology and Aquatic Ecosystem Management, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (Vienna, Austria),
  4. Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia (Slovenia).

Slovenian Observers in the Project:

  1. Soča Valley Development Centre, Tolmin,
  2. Soške elektrarne Nova Gorica d.o.o., Nova Gorica,
  3. Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation, Ljubljana,
  4. Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia, Ljubljana.

Duration of the Project:


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Dr Aleš Bizjak, Head of Project Team
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Sašo Šantl, MSc, AIM Project Manager
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