Verifying Compliance of Project Documentation with the Rules on Methodology and the Decree on Conditions and Limitations for Siting and Activities

The purpose of the task is the implementation of provisions in accordance with the Rules on Methodology to Define Flood Risk Areas and Erosion Areas Connected to Floods and Classification of Plots into Risk Classes (Official Gazette of the RS, No. 60/07) and the Decree on Conditions and Limitations for Constructions and Activities in Flood Risk Areas (Official Gazette of the RS, No. 89/08).

While reviewing the hydrological and hydraulic expert bases necessary to examine the possibility of carrying out activities in flood areas (Kolman G., IWRS Activity Report for 2014), which must comply with the Rules and the Decree, a uniform system for managing the reviewed and confirmed hydrological-hydraulic studies has been established for the needs of the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, the Slovenian Environment Agency and the Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia.

In 2014, the established and updated uniform records of reviewed documentation served as a source of data in some of the other tasks from the IWRS Programme for 2014, i.e. in updating the flow records (IWRS Programme for 2014, Task I/2/4: Update of the Records and the Data Layer of Q10, Q100 and Q500 Flows from HH Studies, the IWRS Archive and the Results of Analyses of the Slovenian Environment Agency), in updating the integrated map of flood risks and the map of classes of flood risks (IWRS Programme for 2014, Task I/2/6: Update of the Integrated Map of Flood Risks and the Integrated Map of Classes of Flood Risks for Publication in the Environmental Atlas and the Making of an Integrated Map of Water Depth Classes at Q100) and in updating the flood warning map (IWRS Programme for 2014, Task I/2/7: Update of the 2007 Flood Warning Map).

All hydrological-hydraulic studies that have been reviewed by the Slovenian Environment Agency or by the IWRS and then confirmed as positive or rejected as negative have been entered in the record table. The reviewed project documentation was used in procedures for getting permits or permission to carry out activities in flood areas within the framework of spatial planning when drafting spatial plans (national and municipal spatial plans, detailed municipal spatial plans and in issuing building permits).


About the Project


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