The update of ecological status assessment and water bodies classification methods based on biological quality elements, published in 2013


dopolnitev metodologij ang


In this work a proposition on upgrading of ecological status assessment methods, implemented in Slovenia by the Decree on surface water status and Rules on surface water status monitoring in 2009, was made. A harmonised proposition was suggested for all biological quality elements and water body categories in Slovenia.

    About the project

    Contracting Authority

    Ministrsvo za okolje in prostor

    Project manager

    izr. prof. dr. Gorazd Urbanič

    Project staff

    dr. Vesna Petkovska

    dr. Nataša Dolinar

    dr. Urška Kuhar

    mag. Špela Remec-Rekar

    Bernarda Rotar

    Maja Sever

    doc. dr. Tina Eleršek

    dr. Janja Francé

    dr. Gorazd Kosi

    dr. Borut Mavrič

    dr. Martina Orlando-Bonaca

    izr. prof. dr. Mateja Germ

    izr. prof. dr. Alenka Gaberščik

    dr. Samo Podgornik

    Duration of the project



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